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We offer our advertisers a unique vehicle to capture our affluent readers who are always looking for new ways to spend their wealth.

To seek out, reveal, and encourage ever-higher standards of excellence for goods and services that satisfy the tastes and surpass the expectations of the world’s affluent buyers.

To achieve the highest standards of written and visual quality in all print and digita…

l media. We have achieved this standard for over 15 years as one of the leading magazine brands allowing our readers to be exposed to your brand. We have helped advertisers increase revenue and brand exposure bringing them additional clientele as one of our advertisers. We offer a high end product at a very affordable price. We are selective in the brands we allow due to the high end nature of the publication.To celebrate the lifestyle and tradition of our affluent buyers and the world’s finest products through a magazine showcasing the finer things in life.

Showcasing luxury with intelligence and refinement guided by a keen sense of the elegance and good taste read by our affluent reader’s who enjoy the finer things in life.